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UNUM Insurance is provided by the UNUM Provident Company and aims to meet the insurance needs of a diverse customer base. In today's world, people cannot underestimate the importance of sufficient insurance. Unexpected and unforeseen circumstances seem to arise when people are least prepared to handle them, and the extensive costs of medical treatment or income replacement can be overwhelming. People without insurance often find themselves unable to continue their lifestyles or even pay the accumulating bills. However, insurance is not an automatic "free ticket" because many insurance companies are in the business of making the situation as difficult to navigate as possible for customers in order to avoid paying compensation to the insured.

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UNUM Insurance claims to provide a new level of customer service and commitment to care than many other companies. UNUM Provident believes that people are important in the communities where they live and seeks to meet their needs and provide for them so that they can enjoy the quality of life and freedom from worry that they they deserve. The company says that it looks at its customers as individuals, real people, and feels it has an obligation to work cooperatively with them. This mentality helps explain UNUM Provident's extensive philanthropic efforts and generous giving to the commuity through projects like Habitat for Humanity and United Way.

UNUM Insurance includes life insurance, long-term care, and supplemental income in case of disability policies. Many people have UNUM insurance policies through their workplaces, but there are other independent offices and agents for UNUM Provident, as well. Many people do not understand the importance of life, disability or longterm care insurance, but the reality is that these types of insurance coverage are very important. The costs associated with each of these situations can be exorbitant, especially if people are already struggling financially or have no financial preparation. Sudden death of loved ones, unexpected disability, and the necessity of long-term care for aging relatives can be an unnecessary burden or place heavy strain on the finances of the ones left to take care of the responsibilities.

If you do not currently have protection against disability, critical illness, long-term care, or death, you are taking an unnecessary risk with the security of your future. There are many companies, including UNUM Provident, that offer different options and prices for sufficient coverage for your needs. Take a look at some of the possible options and do the research to see what is available to you.

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