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Because disability insurance can be such a hassle, UNUM Provident strives to offer a new way to protect yourself against sudden injury or illness. Many people do not realize the benefits or importance of disability insurance because they naively assume that sudden disability will never affect them. However, it is far more common than people know to be faced with an unexpected disability, and many of these disabling incidents--whether temporary, long-term, or permanent--occur in the early years of the twenties and thirties when people do not generally have large savings and count on their monthly incomes for daily survival. Although it is never possible to be prepared for a sudden disability or illness, there are some things people can do to better protect themselves should an unforseen emergency arise, and UNUM Provident aims to help people accomplish this.

The Difference of UNUM Provident

It is extremely common for people to assume the worst or hold negative perceptions of insurance companies of any kind, but UNUM Provident is working to challenge the stereotype and present an image of their company as one that is dedicated and committed to serving customers' needs and helping them through the difficulties caused by sudden injury or illness. Although UNUM Provident is classified with other companies under the "income protection provider" umbrella, the company believes that there are many differences between the services it provides to customers and those of other companies. Instead of solely focusing on making money, UNUM Provident claims that it is genuinely concerned about helping customers and providing them with the support they need.

One of the differences of UNUM Provident is that they provide more than just a benefits check. Their goal is to help customers return to work and their normal lifestyles as soon as possible, so they couple financial assistance with other benefits, services and programs. They carry this attitude of goodwill into the community, as well, being very involved in philanthropic endeavors around the world. In 2003, $3.3 million was contributed to not-for-profit organizations around the world by UNUM Provident.

One of the biggest complaints about many income protection providers is that claims are often denied repeatedly with little evaluation or consideration. UNUM Provident says that they give each claim a thorough, objective evaluation that really considers the needs of the customer. Payment is often received more quickly, as well as assistance with returning to the previous lifestyle of work and living. The primary office of UNUM Provident is in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but there are other main offices in Portland, Maine, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Glendale, California.

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