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When Your Functional Capacity Needs an Evaluation

Whether you are returning to the workforce after an injury/illness or filing for long term disability insurance benefits, you might want to consider having a functional capacity evaluation. Unfortunately, not many people know about this type of evaluation, and many who do think that it is unnecessary unless specifically recommended by their doctor.

Fortunately, however, this website, as well as many others, offer information on functional capacity evaluations and what they can do for you. In the next few paragraphs, you will find out how a complete evaluation can make employers more willing to re-hire you or, if you are unable to return to work, how an evaluation can help you get insurance benefits. If you are an employer, this website also has information for you!

What Functional Capacity Evaluations Can Do For You

The best motivation for getting an evaluation is to find out what functional capacity evaluations can do for you. In short, functional capacity evaluations, or FCEs, are complete physical examinations designed to find out what an employee can safely do in the average eight-hour workday. If you are an employee and have a good FCE, then chances are high that your employer will be less wary than normal to bring you back into your former job. If your FCE is less than satisfactory, your chances are better for getting long term disability insurance benefits. Additionally, if you are denied benefits, a FCE will make your case stronger in case you choose to hire a lawyer and fight this decision.

If you are an employer, FCEs are also beneficial for you! First, this is a relatively simple way to make sure your employees are ready to re-enter their old job. This assures that unprepared employees are not jeopardizing their own safety or that of others. Secondly, FCEs also make sure that employees filing for long term disability charges are deserving of them and are not attempting to commit insurance fraud.

As you can probably tell, FCEs are well worth the time and/or hassle. If you are looking into getting an evaluation for either yourself or your employees, do research on firms, hospitals, etc., that do these evaluations. After all, comparison shopping never hurts! Good luck!

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