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Disability, Challenges, and Rights

As our society becomes more diverse and people become increasingly aware of the diversity and individual needs, disability rights are as much a factor as any other rights that are more often discussed. Most people do not think about disability rights very much because it is not something that affects the majority of non-disabled citizens. However, it is important to remember disability rights because it is more difficult for disabled people to interact in society, but they deserve the same opportunities as anyone else. In a country that claims to be so focused on equal rights for everyone, the disabled population should not be relegated to a spectator position.

Disability Rights: The Facts

One of the primary considerations in disability rights deals with mobility issues. Because many people with disabilities have serious physical problems that limit or hinder normal motion and action, it is common to see disabled people assisted by other devices, such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, etc. As a result,it is often harder for them to go through normal doorways, climb stairs, fit into normal restroom stalls, and reach certain counters and sinks. It is important to facilitate the development of buildings that understand these specific needs and enable disable people to function as independently as possible.

A hindrance to promoting disabled-accessible buildings is the fact that this issue was not a concern in the past. Therefore, many older buildings—especially ones being preserved as historical landmarks—are not equipped properly and to do so would require serious renovation and extensive reconstruction. Laws have passed and continue to pass mandating that buildings be handicapped-accessible, but the cost of making these changes and improvements in old buildings is often so prohibitive that ways are found to circumvent the rules or the renovations made meet the legal requirements but still do not meet the needs of the disabled population. Entrance ramps, elevators, electric-powered doors, and larger bathroom stalls are some of the more common improvements to aid disabled people.

Another issue involved with disability rights centers on employment opportunities. Many people who are not disabled and who have little experience interacting with disabled people fail to realize how much the disabled population can actually do. They often fear that hiring a disabled person will be difficult and a drain on company resources, while also expecting that the person will have little to contribute to the company. As a result of this ignorant attitude, many disabled people have faced employment-related discrimination and it has become an issue that is strongly tied to disability rights. The law now backs the right of disabled people to work anywhere where their disability is not a legitimate hindrance to performing the job function, and the courts remain waiting to support their rights.

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